Attention All Conference Attendees: 

Check out the below tech startups. You will have an opportunity to influence the development of the next generation of tech products by providing your feedback, reactions and suggestions during the afternoon Co-Creation Sessions. Select the product that interests you and get ready to “co-create”.


Agewell Biometrics is an industry leader in the prediction and prevention of falls in older adults. The Equilibrium analytics platform is scientifically validated to accurately identify fallers.


Authored is apparel to dress, or be dressed, safely with dignity because every day we wake up a day older and in need of dressing.


Loneliness and social isolation affects millions of aging adults and can impact mental health, cognitive abilities, and negatively influence physical health. Carenote provides companionship and conversation to ease loneliness through scheduled phone calls and text messaging.


FlexTogether pairs social motivation with low-impact virtual exercise classes to help keep aging adults moving. Their unique buddy system connects users to friends and family via a co-watching experience and features a variety of classes from yoga and tai chi to disease and pain management.


IndependiCare allows seniors with dementia to live more independently while providing appropriate auditory prompts/reminders/alerts at designated locations, and acts preemptively to aid the senior before anything bad happens.


The iRemember is a smart pill organizer as it will remind you when it is time to take your medications and it keeps track of when you last opened your weekly pill holder.


Mentia is transforming dementia care, one tap at a time. We’re opening up the digital world so that people with dementia can participate.


PhysioCue is a non-invasive hypertension therapy device and headache therapy device. These non-invasive therapy devices are efficient, safe, easy to use, and have none of the side effects associated with anti-hypertensive and headache drugs.


Brain U Online is a digital therapy platform that helps identify and intervene in early stage dementia.


Quikiks makes HANDS-FREE shoes for people with physical or cognitive challenges that allow them to easily step in and have them securely fasten without the need to bend over or use their hands - improving quality-of-life and increasing independence and safety.