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Walk the expo floor for a hands-on, interactive experience with the latest tech products in the market. Connect with up to 50 exhibitors representing the tech ecosystem of solutions for the 50+ market.


Interactive Learning Labs

AITF Tech Help Lounge

Meet with AITF Tech Ambassadors to learn something new:

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Facebook Features

YouTube Basics

Email Tips & Tricks

Computer Troubleshooting 101



Selfie Station “How To”

Learn how to take a “selfie”, apply photo filters from your phone, and send them to family and friends.

Internet Security Essentials

Learn about common internet scams. Learn what “phishing” is and how it works, what common approaches criminals are using, what can be “hacked” and what you can do to protect yourself. Bring questions!



Autonomous Vehicle Experience: Voyage - Curious to see a self-driving car? Visit our autonomous vehicle experience on the Tech Expo floor, sponsored by AARP and learn about the future of this transportation innovation.

LA Found - Los Angeles County is partnering with Project Lifesaver – using a voluntary system of trackable bracelets - to help find those living with Alzheimer’s or dementia when they go missing.

ElliQ (Intuition Robotics) - A social companion technology aimed at keeping older adults active and engaged by connecting them to their families and the outside world.

Rendever, Embodied Labs, and Front Porch - Come put on some Virtual Reality (VR) headsets and sit in the shoes of someone experiencing Alzheimer’s, macular degeneration or transitions of care to increase your empathy and inspire more effective care. Or go on a group VR journey that fosters meaningful experiences no matter a person’s physical or mobility status.

iRemember - A smart pill organizer that reminds you when it is time to take your medications and keeps track of when you last opened your weekly pill holder.

FlexTogether - Provides remote low impact exercise for those with injuries, pain, or neuromuscular disorders. The unique “buddy system” allows you to stay connected with friends and loved ones while staying active.

Empower - In a home that is getting smarter every day, no product quite says “smart home” like WiFi connected, smartphone-controlled lighting. Empower provides the customer with an intelligent lighting solution for every mood, occasion, and desired ambiance.

Honor - San Francisco based Non-Medical Professional caregiving company helping seniors thrive and age well in the home environment of their choice. Combining technology to help provide better quality care while keeping family members involved in their loved ones day to day life utilizing our user friendly Care Platform.

Smart Brain Aging (Brain U Online) - A digital therapy platform that helps identify and intervene in early stage dementia.

Carenote - Provides companionship and conversation to ease loneliness for seniors through scheduled phone calls and text messaging from caring “Care Angels”

PhysioCue - Non-invasive, portable, rechargeable, user-friendly hypertension therapy and headache therapy devices.

Sagely - Sagely's Alaka'i Call A Friend is a health and well-being program that supports older adults through regularly scheduled conversations with a care professional (Alaka'i).

Mentia - Cognitively-friendly virtual world where family members and care professionals can step in, joining their loved one (or client) in a playful world that helps build communication bridges and deepen understanding.

Memory Kit: The Care Card - The Care Card was designed to enable caregiving teams of any size to better understand and meet the changing needs of the individuals they are caring for.

Eve Care - An innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solution that enables proactive care and valuable insights for the health, aged and home care industry.

Tombot - Robotic companion animals for seniors with dementia. Tombots feature the artistic services of the Jim Henson's Creature Shop, creating the world's most realistic robotic animals.

Uniper-Care Technologies - A virtual senior living community that helps older adults live healthier and happier days in the comfort of their own homes. The virtual community promotes meaningful peer-to-peer connections, physical activities, health education, leading to emotional empowerment. All over accessible technology - The standard TV-set.

Quikiks makes HANDS-FREE shoes for people with physical or cognitive challenges that allow them to easily step in and have them securely fasten without the need to bend over or use their hands - improving quality-of-life and increasing independence and safety.


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Tech Engagement


Don’t miss this unique opportunity to showcase the technology driven products, services and solutions that can help those 50+ live well, feel well and age well.

Gain visibility for your solution amongst the largest tech expo in Southern CA targeting the older consumer, provide product demonstrations, sell on site, observe how older consumers react to your product and be a part of the movement of Aging Into the Future.